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OMD155262 17.25" x 25.5" Wireless Charging Stand Techie Series Desk Pad - works with iPhone X - Includes iPhone 6/7 QI Charging Receiver, Black

Model: OMD155262

Take your desk pad to a new level with the Techie Desk Pad series. The Smart Charger Multi View features an integrated, “origami” style black wireless charger for QI-enabled (wireless charging) mobile phones, including the iPhone X! The angled design of the built-in charging area keeps your cell phone/smartphone in easy view while you are being productive. Simply place your wireless charging enabled mobile device onto the wireless charger, which has a quick 3-second connection. The charger will light up when the phone and the charger have connected and your device is charging. An added design feature allows you to take your wireless charger on the go - simply disconnect the wireless charger from the desk pad and go! Easy as 1, 2, and 3. Note, this desk pad works with mobile phones with embedded wireless charging capablities. For iPhone 6/6s/7 users, we include a receiver adapter which can make your iPhone charge wirelessly by plugging into your phone's Lightning port. Note, in some cases this feature may be limited by your iPhone's iOS software. Check our our entire line of unique Techie Series Desk Pads that protect your desk from spills and scratches, provide a comfortable, non-glare writing surface which can reduce eye-strain, and offer a variety of useful technological features to make your day more efficient and productive.

  • Leather-like rigid desk pad with black stitching along the edge helps protect your desk from stains, scratches and spills and creates a comfortable work area.
  • Integrated wireless (QI) charging stand with multi-angle viewing wirelessly charges you qi-enabled smartphone, including the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy and other Qi-enabled smartphones.
  • The integrated Wireless QI charging stand is removable from the desk pad, for versatile use on-the-go, in the office or at home. Perfect for travel and hotel use.
  • Also includes wireless QI charging adapter for iPhone 6/7 using the phone's Lightning Port to enable wireless charging on non Qi-enabled iPhones! Note, iPhone 6/7 wireless charging may be limited by your device's iOS software.
  • Keep your phone in view right on the desk pad, while also charging without wires, so your battery stays charged.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 25.50" x 17.25" x 0.71"

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Efficiency: 72% Max
  • Input: 5V/2000mA
  • Output: 5V/1000mA
  • Frequency: 110KHz-205KHz

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